Wholesale and retail supply of equipment and engineering system materials to those who need it “here and now” – the first thing. 


Qualified advice and professional selection

Our experts take an active part in the educational programs and workshops, held by equipment suppliers, that allows us to be confident in selecting the most appropriate engineering solutions, using only the best equipment and materials for the rational solution of specific tasks.

Complete equipment of a turnkey projects

If you know the value of your time, complete equipment of a “turnkey project” will be an optimal solution for you. Moreover, we offer money saving to you in addition to saving time. For all the period of successful work on engineering services market, our company has approved itself as a stable and reliable partner of a lot of manufacturing companies, that allows us to purchase equipment and materials at very competitive prices. Equipment delivery is on time within the limits of deadline of the project due to flexible and modern logistics system.

Our brands

Supply of engineering equipment and materials on time – one of the most important tasks of TSO “ASK” Ltd., that’s why we work with reliable and proved suppliers and manufacturers only. We supply certified equipment from world-famous and Russian brands in the framework of project implementation.

  • More that 1000 clients;
  • More than 3000 items;
  • More than 30 world–famous brands.

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