We are always oriented on cost optimization and rationalization of the production process, distribution and related services within the enterprise, as well as within the group of your companies.



Transport logistics – an organized delivery system and, namely, the movement of any material objects, substances, etc. on the optimal route from one point to another. We fully follow this definition and work for YOU.

  • We take good care of client's cargo as well as he takes care of it himself.
  • Professional team controls all stages of transportation;
  • Private modernized fleet allows us to carry the goods quickly and safely;
  • Prompt delivery on all the territory of the Russian Federation and outside;
  • We always control the staff, technical condition of vehicles and price policy;
  • Qualitative logistics management - quality customer service.



Private fleet of the company is constantly growing and updated.

Logistics at first hand – not empty words, this is an objective statement of our competitive advantages, achieved for many years. Qualitative parameters - our strong position on the market, a highly professional team, trust of regular customers. The main competitive advantage of the company is its assets. Today not every company can boast of having its own transport and own storage capacity. This gives an opportunity to manage the processes more effectively and to solve problems with minimal costs.